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Who knew there was too much "Pooh" to talk about....






I LOVE behind the scenes & knowing how movie/TV shows were shot. Learning how the stuffies in the Christopher Robin Movie were animated is a huge treat.

Season of Sharing - Found a great place for an interactive Santa Pooh Coloring page - ENJOY! https://lol.disney.com/games/coloring-pages/santa-winnie-the-pooh-coloring-page/?cmp=emc%7CLOL%7Cnewsletter%7Ccoloring%7Csantawinniethepooh%7C181220

Download a fun Christopher Robin Movie activity packet with coloring pages and activities

Vintage Pooh Joins the GWR Collection

Disney isn't selling Christopher Robin Movie notebooks but you can print these beautiful images from the pdf on sticker paper.

Wild and Weird! I am a BuzzFeed Answer

Excited to be giving away Christopher Robin Movie memorabilia in a special Christopher Robin edition of Never Enough Pooh -- Winners daily!

Sing Ho for Christopher Robin Movie Collectibles! Plush, T-Shirts and lots of fun stuff!

Getting a little desperate for Christopher Robin merchandise.-- made a slideshow of all the imagery I can find.

Patience is a virtue .... once again I am the Guinness World Record Holder of the Largest Pooh Collection IN THE WORLD!! 14,314 unique Winnie the Pooh items!

Can't wait for August 3rd!

France Gets New Pooh Movie First

Time to pack up 17,781 Pooh collectible cause we've moving to a new place

So looking forward to seeing the Christopher Robin Movie coming out in the US on August 3rd 2018.

Never Enough Pooh - Episode 18 - Remember When You Could Order Pooh-Grams

Never Enough Pooh Episode 15 - A 360 View of the Guinness World Record Pooh Collection

Never Enough Pooh Episode 14 - Helping to find a Pooh Valentine

Never Enough Pooh Episode 13 - Happy Winnie the Pooh Day

Never Enough Pooh Episode 12 - Vintage Heffalump & a great Pooh

Never Enough Pooh Episode 11 - Cool Pooh Shoes and a Contest, Too.

Honored to have my GWR Largest Pooh Collection featured in the blog on SpareFoot in Incredible Extreme Collectors written by Liz Wolf https://tinyurl.com/ydh54su6

Never Enough Pooh Episode 9 - Meet Eric, Shelly & Aubrey - friends brought together because of Pooh

Never Enough Pooh Episode 8 - Vintage Pooh Banks, A Donated Collection & A Gift From Mary https://youtu.be/2D_2r-zFfmA

Sweaters and Shoes and Phones - Oh My! https://youtu.be/eJIlQbJFv-k

In Never Enough Pooh Episode 5 - Today is Tigger Tuesday..

Christmas Time mean Pooh Ornaments, Cute Pooh Sweaters and Vintage White Pooh Plush https://youtu.be/r9W21Bvyx38

In Search of..... Pooh ornaments at Target https://youtu.be/mxrOLyy41Ik

Episode 2 of Never Enough Pooh features Vintage and New Pooh -- Heffalump, Nesting Dolls and Poohstick Championships! https://youtu.be/GgIw7wtxnII

Episode 1 is LIVE on YouTube - Never Enough Pooh - with hostess of the most-est Pooh - Guinness World Record Holder Deb Hoffmann https://youtu.be/TtR0Lchfvhc

Series Pilot Live on YouTube - Channel MostPooh5150

Honored to be interviewed about Largest Pooh Collection by David Peterkofsky of ForKeepsPodCast.com Always love sharing my Pooh Collection and the adventures that come with it.

Thank you to Anne, Craig and the Yahoo! Entertainment production crew for a great job on my Obsessed video.

The Toy Story Gang is Complete as we Welcome Eeyore to the Guinness World Record Collection

7-Eleven thank you for helping me add 13 wonderful Poohs (from Hong Kong) to my Guinness Word Record Collection!! Slurpees for everyone!

GWR - So Much More Than Things...

Great Pooh-Peeps Got My Back

Yes -- I'm in the book ya know...

More than an item in the GWR collection - donations by my Pooh scouts bring friendship, thoughtfulness and kindness to the CrAzY Pooh Lady!

Get your pots of hunny ready for National Winnie the Pooh Day - January 18th

An autographed copy of The Best Bear in All the World -- how grand! Thank you Mark Burgess!!

Is It Pooh's Birthday Again? He is 90 years old? I thought he was 102? No, 134... Or is he 48...

Winnie the Pooh and the Royal Birthday

What do you get when you mix contemporary design with Winnie the Pooh?

Q: What Do Winnie the Pooh & Smurfs have In Common? A: Guinness World Record Holder Friends Deb & Gerda

Old news but a fun interview poking fun at Poland for banning Winnie the Pooh for not wearing pants. I had fun doing an interview with Jamie Lee host of TruTv

Valentine's Day Download

1940s Agnes Brush Owl & Heffalump from Winnie the Pooh Join Guinness World Record Collection

A Great Artist - Mark Burgess - illustrator of Return to the Hundred Acre Woods

Christopher Robin & Pooh Lamp from Canada

I have a happy hubby and a very broke hubby. A whoa-is-me hubby. A damn-that-Disney hubby.

Turkey Eeyore at Walmart

Is It Pooh's Birthday Again?

Through the Eyes of Pooh - This Winnie the Pooh collector was never so excited to be 5”3”!

Traveling Back To White River Canada for the 27th Winnie's Hometown Festival

Record Setter is to Guinness World Records as Wikipedia is to the Encyclopedia Britannica

World Pooh Stick Championships - Check This One Off the Hunnypot List

Pooh Scouts - Thank you for the GWR donations!

How to Play Pooh Sticks: Players drop a stick simultaneously on the upstream side of a bridge & run to the other side. The winner is the player whose stick first appears on the other side of the bridge.

Thank You So Much Miki Stowe For The Pooh Presents

Two Tigger Sweatshirts - Green -- Fall Motif -- Same Tag Line -- Why?

Pooh Fans All Over - Thank you so much Allyson and Matthew for the fantastic picture of Winnie the Pooh

Great news for Pooh fans! The World Pooh Sticks Championships has found a new home! After 31 years of Championships on the River Thames at Day’s Lock in Little Wittenham, the event will be moving to Witney!

Announcing the Launch of the Cartoon Freak Boutique Auction Website

Book Illustration by E.H. Shepard of Pooh Sticks Bridge Print Sells for All Time High

#7 on Hunnypot List – See Christopher Robin Milne’s Original Stuffed Animals – The Inspiration for the Characters in the Winnie the Pooh Stories.

Happy Birthday wishes to Jim Cummings - voice of Winnie the Pooh AND Tigger.

Time to dress up and find some treats!

I Asked My Husband To Help Me Tie One On 40 Times

I cannot begin to thank my Chi O sister, Kathy and her hubby and daughter, JP and Christine for the over the top, wonderful gift of Poohs to the Guinness Collection

Internationally Loved Bear Celebrates 88th Anniversary

Keeping the Largest Pooh & Friends Memorabilia Record Up to Date...Let's Hope No One Else is a Crazy as Me!!

I am wearing sock! Not happy the cooler summer has turned into a brisk, colder, almost fall.

Andrew's Tigger Collection - All The Way From NC - Joins 11,000 Pooh Friends

A new milestone -- 11,000 unique Pooh & Friends items

I Made Canada History…at least I made the History Magazine...

Brother Looks for Long Lost Pooh

Pooh & Deb Visit London Virtually

Vintage Pooh from Tokyo Disneyland
From My Recent Shop-Pooh-ing Spree

When Pooh was mainstream.... they had fantastic Pooh Malted Easter Eggs.

Pooh Fan Needs to Dress the Part

Over 100 Pooh Crafts & Activities -- View the Fun Pooh Activities

HELP ME FIND: Gogo no Koucha Kirin Lemon Tea with Pooh Photo from Japan

#10,702 -- So special even Owl would be speechless
A VERY Special Book

Vintage 1960s Woozle Snack Charmer & Blue Heffalump in a Tu-tu

Guinness World Record Item 10649 -- An Imagineer's Shirt from the Pooh Hunny Hunt Ride in July 2000

Technology Hits the 100 Acre Wood
PoohExposition - For the Serious Pooh Collector

On this Day in Pooh History

Pooh & Tigger Take Calls for Deb Hoffmann
Jim Cummings Pooh & Tigger Voicemail

Random Act of "Poohness" - One-of-a-Kind Card & Stickers

Happy National Winnie the Pooh Day
and happy Birthday to A.A. Milne

OCD? Ok -- a little....
Closing the Book on Finding the Ornament Books

Pooh Comes Out for Christmas -- Really
A Pooh-fect Way to Celebrate Christmas

Pooh World Traveler - On Holiday in Kyiv, Ukraine

Note to Santa: New Frame Needed for Christmas
Officially Amazing - and I have the certificate to prove it!!

No Collection Would Be Complete...
Every Collection Needs Blue Prints... Literally!

Premier of "I Know That Voice"

Pooh Hits the Streets 87 Years Ago...

10,000 Reasons to Read the Mukwonago Chief

Fantastic Friend from a Far

Pooh Takes to the Airwaves

10,000 -- Pooh Guinness World Record Collector Hits New Number -- Pooh 10K
When you get a chance, please read the press release that appeared on www.prlog.org.

Thank you, Hunny!! Who Knew Pooh Hung-out at the Post Office

9997 - Fantastic Pooh Box - Pooh Friends - gift from Pooh Fan Club

9996 - My Sticker Album

9995 - Pooh Pencil Case -- Pooh Holding a Basket - Blue Background

9994 - Pooh Pencil Case -- Pooh Holding a Basket with a Bee by his nose

9993 - Rubber Stamper

9992 - Pooh Magnet Activity

Here We Go.... 9991 - Pooh Magnets from Ellen & Doug

Drinking in Style - My Friends Tigger & Pooh Water Bottle

Thank you, Mel Ray
Made with love by our "Canadian Friend" Melinda Ray.

Happy 110th Harley-Davidson - Even Winnie the Pooh Rides a Harley

Sue Goes to a Rummage & Finds 6 Pooh Items I Don't Have
With 9900+ - How Lucky Am I To Have Such a Wonderful "Pooh Scout"

International Pooh Scouts May Tip 10,000

Back in the US - 2013 Winnie's Hometown Festival Was Fantastic

My White River BFFs Visit "Pooh Corner"

If one were to pose the question, “What is Winnie the Pooh’s official birthday?”

Guinness Record Holder to be Master of Ceremonies
Very Proud to MC Winnie's Hometown Festival

Coming out on DVD

Guess Who's in the Guinness World Record Collectormania Bonus Chapter -- POOH!
And the record they are showing is almost 5,000 pieces ago!!

Winnie's 25th Annual Hometown Festival
White River Canada - Where It All Began

We are on an Expotition Looking for a Pooh Item from the late 70s (Much Before My Time ...) or early 80s
Trying to Find a Pooh Toy From His Youth

Happy 4th of July

Does Anyone Know the Year & Name of This Vintage Pooh Tennis Racquet Toy Set?

Winnie the Pooh & the Storage Warrior

Guinness Collection Reaches 9500 with a Gift from Christine, Kathy & JP Honeywell

Much Todo About Winnie the Pooh - Waukesha Freeman Interviews Pooh Collector

Pooh Guinness World Record Hits the UK Media
Pooh Photos & Video Picked Up By DailyMail

This Time I Had Gary Sit Down

10 Ways to Show Your WTP Spirit
Fantastic Pooh Nail Art

Thud! Gary Fainted. The World's Largest Pooh & Friends Memorabilia Collection just hit 9,000!

Collectors Like Other Collectors
Do I Have a New BFF - Brigette from PA

Once again - Guinness World Record for the "Largest Pooh & Friend Memorabilia Collection"

Thank You Sue Olson

A Visit from Jonathan-Pooh

Pooh Collectors Connect

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Pooh

An Act of "Pooh-ness" from Mary Weber - a fantastic Pooh sweatshirt gift

Just When I Thought I Had All The Pooh Jackets... and the hood is detachable

Does Uhaul Rent 18 Wheeler Trucks to Bears? Pooh might be looking for someone with a CDL license...

8501 & 8501 - I Love It When Milestones Are "Random Acts of Pooh-ness"

Home Run Derby - NOT Child's Play - Ok gaming friends - help me figure out who pitches AFTER Eeyore.

Pooh Commits Hunnycide - ok... I can see the interpretation

Random Acts of Pooh-ness
Thank you Ellen & Doug

My New Favorite Pooh Movies -- Smackeral Mini-Movies
Six different 31-second smiles....

Straight Out of a Movie - Pooh & Pals Are a Hit in the Pooh House

Not Sure What He Is Singing....it is in Japanese....

Merry Christmas & Happy Pooh Year! All Decorated for Christmas - Guess Who's at our House...?

Poketo has collaborated with Disney and the artist Matt Cruikshank and has a collection of 5 different Winnie the Pooh wallets.

Jeff and Debbie have joined the ranks of "broken" - which is just Poohfect!

We'd like your In-Pooh-t (input)
Which do you like best?

A Pooh Collector Ponders What To Wear...

I'm In the 2013 Guiness Book -- Sort Of....
Feeling a bit like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

Best Husband In The World!!

What To Do When You Run Out of Floor & Wall Space...

In Search of Pooh - Last Maxwell Street Days in Mukwonago for 2012

Meet author Mary Ann Appleby

2 Types of Honey Graham Cookies - 2 Countries - Are they the same company or not?

Pooh Visits Ontario

Today I Learned...

So Many Poohs My Head Is Spinning

What Does Family Affair Have to do with Pooh?

Celebrating 80 Years of Friendship

Thank you, Toby!

I love meeting other Pooh fans -- meet Ellen and Doug

Pooh's Relation Visit Winnie's Hometown Festival

24th Annual Winnie's Hometown Festival is a HUGE Success!

It's not everyday that the Mayor of White River Canada, home of the original Winnie, comes to see your Winnie the Pooh collection....what a honor and grand event...

Oh bother... I am addicted to Peek-a-Poohs

Getting Ready for Winnie's Hometown Festival

Countdown to my national debut

Pooh Collector is Officially Crazy - so says TLC

Thank you Joe for item #7573...

Ok... I'm torn.... I can't decide to laugh or shake my head.

THEY FOUND ME!!! - Contacted By TLC My Crazy Obsession Series