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Pooh Printables

Disney has some wonderful printable Pooh party favors.  I have found that if your have a laser printer and card stock available, these Pooh crafts print very, very nicely.


Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Paper Lantern
Winnie the Pooh Easter Candy Box
Winnie the Pooh 3D Hunnypot
Valentine's Day Activity Pages
Winnie the Pooh Activity Book


Pooh Sticks

What a great craft to do... make yourself your own Pooh Stick.  Pooh Sticks was created by Pooh and believe it or not has Championship Games held in Oxfordshire, England


The original story calls for a river and a bridge, but if the little Pooh fans wanted to play in the house, you could use a little smaller stick and a bathtub.  Tree sticks work well but chopsticks are nice and smooth and easy to decorate.


Watch the Pooh video and you'll get the idea of the rules.