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December 18, 1974


Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too
  debutes and is released as a double feature with The Island at the Top of the World. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, but lost to Closed Mondays.


Share a Little Hum....

Are you a Pooh Fanatic?  Do you have a Pooh collection or story you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear from you.

Jane writes...
  You need to get this collection on TV -- I bet you'd be a great hostess of a collector show. I hope someone makes you famous!!

fishie writes...
  I have been a pooh fan for the past 14years! N I'm so glad to know that are other pooh fans out there! Nice to meet u all

Maria Nelia Evangelista Rivera writes...
  I love Pooh!...:)

mayra vazquez writes...
  I LOVE YOU !!!! im in love winnie the pooh <3 i have over 30

Angela Lefebvre writes...

It was wonderful meeting you and your hubby at Theme Park Connection on Saturday. My Mom was the one who bought the big Mickey figure. We'll keep a lookout for anything Pooh related - I love a fun scavenger hunt!

David writes...
  I was curious if you have in your collection a Pooh watch from, I believe, the 70's. My first watch as a young boy was a pooh watch which I still have but have not seen them anywhere else. The watch has a thick red plastic base with a yellow plastic band. The face is pooh standing and has 2 bees ticking back and forth. It is a manual wind watch. I learned to tell time with this watch and enjoyed it very much as a child. I think you have a wonderful collection.
Thanks, David (Newnan, Ga)

Analia writes...
  Hi.... I just came across your fantastic collection after watching TLC...I must say you are such an inspiration to me..I love and have always loved darling old pooh bear..Im 25 years old and when I was like younger my classmates would find it weird..I have a little pooh stuffed toy and a few other things and I love it so much ..Pooh makes me happy and so do you..I love your collection maybe one day I cud come and see it for myself..Id probably cry if I went to DIsneyland and met Pooh himself..


Sandra Whitney writes...
  I LOVE LOVE LOVE pooh bear. My 20 yr old daughter sent me your link saying it reminded her of me! What a compliment!

I do have a collection (nothing as spectacular as yours) and even a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh! So glad she 'introduced' me to you! :)

Amber writes...
  I am amazed by your collection! I would be in Heaven if I could walk through your home! I have had a Piglet stuffed animal for almost my whole life. I will be 18 in 16 days (June 23), and my Piglet will be 18 on Christmas. It's in a lot worse shape than your first Pooh, though. It's great to see adults that are still kids at heart. I'm going off to college in August, and having my Piglet with me throughout everything I've experienced in life so far will always remind me of my childhood. Your collection and your love for Winnie the Pooh is a true inspiration, and I'm happy to say that I share your love for everything Pooh!

Allyn Neal writes...
  I love Winnie the Pooh! Although, I think I have an awesome Pooh related piece: my boyfriend named Christopher Robin. It's true! On his ID and birth certificate...which I immediately required proof, of course.

Dolores M de Vera writes...
  I love this Web site!

Long live the Best Bear in All The World!!!!

Susan Olson writes...
  I LOVE your website. It was so much fun to go through the pages and look at the pics.

dessy writes...
  i like verry much n much
all about pooh.......

Rizaline Luna writes...
  I am so in love with Pooh and I am so happy that I saw this site. I don't have money to collect like that cause I'm still in school but once i got work will surely buy lots of stuffs like that. I am obsess with Pooh and i know might not sound weird for you but every time i see Pooh wherever she is, in stickers in shirts anywhere i get butterflies in my stomach and its making my day but i didn't have the chance to buy em when i saw em lol so yeah nice meeting a fanatic pooh same as me have a great day! :-)

Stephanie Weir writes...
  Love this page! Super cute for us Pooh Fans!

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