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December 9, 2014



Famous auction house, Sotheby's, sold Pooh Sticks Bridge Image


E.H. Shepard's 'Pooh Sticks Bridge" sold for 314,000 GBP (which is $650,000 US)


An Act of "Pooh-ness" from Mary Weber

A Fantastic Pooh Sweatshirt Gift

And one more make 476 -- yes 476 different Pooh sweatshirts.  NO - this does not include the t-shirts or jackets.  YES - this is scary.


I call it "Random acts of Pooh-ness" when someone gives me a Pooh gift.  It is so incredible the wonderful "Pooh Scouts" out there.  Mary Weber is a fantastic lady in one of my networking groups who sells Pampered Chef -- kitchen aids and cookware.  Yes -- for those of you who know I don't use, "The box that heats up - also known as an oven" - Pampered Chef has great products.  THANK YOU SO MUCH MARY!!


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