Cartoon Freak Boutique - Online Auction Website for Cartoon Collectors

It is time for us “freak collectors” to have a place to go that caters to people who are obsessed, fanatical about, infatuated with, fixated on and otherwise just crazy about OUR cartoon character or animated story.  For me it is Winnie the Pooh – yes, all of the A.A. Milne and Disney characters – Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and everyone else – Kanga, Roo, Rabbit, Owl, Gopher and even the Heffalump Lumpy.


Since debuted I’ve been contacted by other Pooh-fanatics asking me to help them find a Pooh item, adopt their collection donation, buy their collection or help them price a Pooh collectible.

Always collecting with my Guinness World Record in mind, I only collect, purchase or adopt “unique” Pooh items that are not already in my collection.  So, sometimes if a person has 40 Poohs I can only buy, adopt or accept 30.  So, 10 Pooh stuffed animals, Pooh books, Pooh figurines, Pooh shirts, Pooh beanies, Pooh glasses, Pooh dishes – need a new home.


Introducing Cartoon Freak Boutique – a place you can sell your Pooh cartoon items – and as long as we’re at it – ANY CARTOON COLLECTIBLE. 


And, as a collecting person I know I many times have to search high and low to find what I am looking for amongst a lot of things I am not looking for.


So, I thought I would give other cartoon and animation collectors a place to call home.  Obviously to begin will not be as massive as other auction site like eBay.  But it will be a place to post your cartoon collectibles.


So, spread the word and let grow into the place animation character collectors go to buy and sell their collections.


Any cartoon memorabilia or cartoon collectible is welcomed -- Disneyana Disney collectors of Inside Out, Frozen, Princesses, Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Pluto...

How about Betty Boop, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Smurfs, Popeye, Snoopy, Grumpy Cat or Felix the Cat?  Do you LOVE Despicable Me and Minions?  Who doesn't love the Muppets and Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Fozzy Bear.  Are you old school and collect vintage Flintstones items for Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble and Dino?


Even if you collect Looney Tunes like Bug Bunny, Tweety and Slyvester, Road Runner - feel free to buy and sell your collection on the website. 

Right now - NO listing and NO final value fees.