Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Two Tigger Sweatshirts - Green -- Fall Motif -- Same Tag Line -- Why?

New manufacturer? Test marketing of which would sell better? Forgot they already "DID" that photo?  Really, really like Tigger and leaves?  Or, was it to see if Deb Hoffmann, Guinness World Record Holder of the Largest Pooh & Friends Memorabilia, would notice. 

Thank goodness I had with me my Pooh App created by husband and Pooh enabler - Gary "Craig" Hoffmann.  That way was I was able to verify that I didn't have the new Tigger sweatshirt.  As much as I can remember most of the 11,900 different Pooh collectibles, every once in a while I need a little app-help.

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