Posted on Mon Jun 1st, 2015 at 12:51 pm

I call them "Pooh Scouts"

But who they really are are great friends

Thank you so much to Rick, Cindy and Bridgette for the fantastic Pooh gifts donated to my Guinness World Record. I am always so touched and taken back when people go out of their way to bring a recently found Pooh item for me. I feel so thankful and blessed that my goofy obsession with the little yellow bear has brought so many wonderful situations with people into my life.

I am always asked why I collect and why Winnie the Pooh. Why Pooh? As a kid my parents introduced me to Pooh and he reminds me of a simpler time. I guess it is a desire to have something "sweet" in my life while in a world of let's just say, not so sweet. Why I collect? Pooh, the stories and the message behind Pooh is just – simple and uncomplicated. No great psychological backstory. And, as I share my collection with people, I am finding that I am not alone and not the only Pooh fan in the world.

I love it when random people from all over the world contact me to "talk Pooh". Unlike Tigger, it is nice to know I am NOT the only one.

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