Posted on Fri Jul 14th, 2017 at 6:10 pm

Thank you Brent and 7-Eleven!

Dear Brent and 7-Eleven~

I cannot thank you enough for really going up and above the call of duty to help me add the Winnie the Pooh toys only sold at your Hong Kong locations to my Guinness World Record Largest Pooh and Friends Collection.

Over the years I've learned that not all Pooh merchandise sold by a company is sold in all countries – even if the company is in both the US and abroad. And, a request to buy them and have them shipped to the US location is usually answered with a response such as, "No, we can't do that".

7-Eleven is the ONLY company I've ever contacted that tried a new approach and said, "Yes – we'd be happy to help a customer". This speaks volumes about the organization's desire to provide great customer service even though the inquiry was not your typical request.

Thank you, thank you again.

It is interesting, in 2008 when I achieved the Guinness World Record it was great and fun. But, over the years the collection has become so much more than about "stuff". It has been most about collecting the great friendships and experiences that have come about because of the collection. I happily add my experience with 7-Eleven to the collection.

I raise a Slurpee in appreciation to you and 7-Eleven!!

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