Posted by Numerical Alliteration on Fri Apr 2nd, 2021 at 12:57 pm

New Winnie the Pooh Guinness World Record and A Positive End to 2020

Deb Hoffmann breaks own record of Guinness Book Largest Pooh Collection in the World

So needless to say 2020 was an "interesting" year.  Lots of ups and LOTS of downs.  I even stopped collecting Winnie the Pooh items for a bit.  Now THAT is CRAZY!


In September of 2020, after a collecting draught, a neighbor who does estate sales found 17 Pooh beanies I didn't have.  I needed well over 17, but decided to set a goal of reaching 20K by year-end to have sort of a "numerical alliteration" record of 20,000 collectibles in 2020.   With the first 17 beanies towards my goal, I was energized again.  


I got to December and thoughts I might come up short but almost like a mysterious Christmas miracle two Winnie the Pooh collectors contacted me and both asked if they could donate their collections to the Guinness World Record.  I was humbled and honored to take care of their collections.  Karen and Michelle's collections got me to my goal.


It was a long day, but with two witnesses to help count and document my collection on 12/20/2020, we verified that I indeed had 20,000 different and unique Pooh collectibles.  I sent my database and documentation into Guinness World Records and on 3/26/21 (the day before my birthday) the adjudicators presented me with the birthday gift and honor of breaking my own record which had been 14,314.  Yeah!!


I have set my next goal and I am well on my way.  It is pretty huge (and has scared Gary a bit) but I always say, "GO BIG OR GO HOME"!  We might need another house.  In the words of Pooh, "Oh, bother!"



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