Posted on Sun Sep 2nd, 2012 at 5:41 pm

2 Types of Graham Cookies - 2 Countries

Are they the same company or not?

While we were in White River this year we met our new friends Ellen and Doug.  And, as any nice Pooh collectors would do we gave each other gifts of Pooh.  The funny thing is that there were the same.... almost.  I gave Ellen and Doug a box of Winnie the Pooh Graham Cookies and they gave me a box of Winnie the Pooh Honey Graham Cookies.  The boxes coloring and logos are so simular - however, the brand I gave Ellen and Doug was Beechnut and they gave me a Goodfood product.  So same company but branded differently for two different countries -- US and Canada.  Hum... think, think, think.... 

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