Posted on Mon Feb 10th, 2014 at 6:51 pm

Technology Hits
the 100 Acre Wood

PoohExposition 1.0
For the Serious Pooh Collector

Being married to a computer "geek" has its advantages – plus I think he is applying for, "Best Husband in the World" and is SURE to win the award.


Now while I am out adventure-shopping and looking for unique Pooh items – I no longer have to remember all 10,591 currently in the database.  Now, I just pull up PoohExposition on my IPhone and I can search my database used to keep track of my Guinness World Record collection of the "Largest Pooh and Friends Memorabilia".


I can search by description, manufacturer, category and year.  No more guessing or buying duplicates by mistake. 


PoohExposition takes the worry out of having too many Poohs (of one kind). #Iphone #PoohCollector

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