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June 25, 2005



John Fiedler, the voice of Piglet passed away the day after  the voice of Tigger - Paul Winchell -- a sad week in Pooh history!!  He was only 80.  I have an autograph from him #1736.  He was born in Plateville, WI.  Incredibly, his total credits for playing Piglet were in twenty-three distinct different productions, several of those having multiple episodes.


Which is your favorite Pooh costume

Everyone who love Pooh has an image or picture that pops in their head when you say, "Winnie the Pooh".  For some, it is a stuffed animal - maybe their first Pooh stuffie.  It might be an image from one of the movies.  And for others, it is the Pooh in costume they met at either Disney World or Disneyland.  Over the years, there have been several revisions of park costumes.  Which Pooh costume says Pooh-to-You?



Pooh Costume

Pooh Costume

Pooh Costume