Winnie the Pooh 60s Costume Bee

Back in the 60s and early 70s, the Winnie the Pooh costume worn at Disney World and Disneyland had an oversized Pooh head with a hunny pot on top.  The cast member had to be 5'7" or a bit taller to play the role as the cast member had to peer through the hunny pot inorder to see.  During holidays and special events, Pooh might wear something else on his head in place of the hunny pot.  For Christmas, Pooh worn a Santa hat and the cast member had to peer through the "Os" in the Pooh name.


On the hunny pot, which was the traditional headwear, there was always a bee.  In talking to the props person I bought my bee from - Guinness World Record item 3,814, he told me that all the bees were hand-carved and painted. 


My bee, although very nice, is missed his antennae.


Deb's Costume Bee



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