Blustery Day for a Photo

Just because... I thought it would be fun to see how much of my backyard I could cover with the 500+ Pooh shirts & jackets in the collection.


I borrowed a crane so I could take an aerial photo. I decided to put down plastic on the grass so as not to get all of the shirts dirty. Of all the days to pick I picked one when the wind DID NOT cooperate! Taking the photos was fun but fighting with the plastic in the wind was hilarious.



So imagine, I had to take 500 shirts off hangers and carry them to the yard and put them on the grass.  I had to bend over to pick up the shirt and then bend over again to put it down in a line.  The wind caused lot to move so I had to bend over to rearrange the shirts again.  At the end of the shoot I had to bend over to pick them up and then carry them back into the house.  I put them on the floor because there were so many and had to bend over to pick them up again to put them back on hangers.  From bending over so many times in a 4 hour period ... the next day I could barely sit down.  Oh bother!