Weird & Obscure Collections

Being the "Crazy Pooh Lady" that I am, I have signed up to receive auto-generated emails when an article is posted online that includes specific keywords.  These keywords include, "Deb Hoffmann", "Winnie the Pooh, "100 Acre Woods" etc.


In one of the recent emails, I discovered my collection was included on a website called, The Funny Beaver, which featured an article titled, "15 Weird and Obscure Collections You Must See".


In addition to my Pooh Collection, which was featured first, these collections make of the balance:

  1. Jordan Michael Geller’s Shoezeum is a shrine to Nike
  2. Antonia Kozakova's collection of 62,500 napkins that could be worth £300,000
  3. Wissam Ali's collection of banknotes with 12,282 pieces from different countries and regions around the world
  4. Nick Bennett's collection of James Bond memorabilia
  5. Davide Andreani's collection of Coke cans
  6. A massive collection of music vinyl
  7. David Morgan's collection of traffic cones in the world
  8. Martyn Tovey's collection of 353 individual Guinness World Record annuals from around the world
  9. Steve Sanswee's collection of an estimated 300,000 unique Star Wars items
  10. Superfan Glyn Stott's collection of the Simpsons memorabilia
  11. Tushar Lakhanpal's collection of 14,000 pencils from 40 countries
  12. Paul Scardino's collection of Pop figures numbering over 5,000
  13. Michael Thommason's collection of video games totaling 13,607 games
  14. Ken Bannister's collection of banana related items

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