Graduation Poohs

A Great Way to Celebrate Success

Father's Day Pooh-Gram with box and card


In the late 90s, starting December of 1996, Disney's first catalog service offered Pooh-Grams.  Each holiday or for special occassions, Pooh was dressed in an appropriate outfit and shipped in a box with the Hundred Acre Wood motif.  Each Pooh-Gram could be customized with your recipient's name and included a card.  Sometimes the card was also themed - for instance at Christmas and Spring. 


Most times the card had a general mailman Pooh.  Also, on occasion, the Pooh-Gram included a supporting item.  For instance, for Easter, a nest of jelly bean eggs was included.  For Hanukkah, Pooh also had a Dreidel.  And for Halloween, Pooh had a velour pumpkin. 


Sadly, Pooh-Grams were discontinued.  On May 28th 1997, Vermont Teddy Bear Company sued Disney claiming that the Pooh-Grams were too close to their item Vermont Bear-Grams which were also customized and sent in a box for special occassions.  Pooh-Grams were also $29.95 and Vermont Bear-Grams were $42.95.  Consumers started to get confused and started calling Vermont asking for the Disney Bear.  It was at that point when Vermont filed the suit.  Vermont ships out 250K bears a year.


I think I found all the Pooh-Grams that were available. If I missed any -- be sure to email me and let me know.