Deb Hoffmann on MeTV's Collector's Call

I am so honored and excited to be part of the premiere season of Collector's Call on MeTV Network. The crew and hostess, Lisa Whelchel, Blair from The Facts of Life, came out to the house and for 11 hours shot the Guinness World Record Pooh Collection (and Gary and me).


It was been so hard to keep the shoot a secret. I am excited to share the show with all the Pooh Fans.


Here is the trailer:



The premise of the show:


... fans have amassed astonishing collections covering everything from Winnie the Pooh (that's me) to The Wizard of Oz, Coca-Cola paraphernalia to comic books… and so much more!

While touring these extensive collections and learning about the collector's fascination with their chosen items, Whelchel enlists the help of professional appraisers and experts to put an estimated value on the collection's worth.


Along the way, we discover collections featured in the Guinness Book of Records, alongside others valued in the millions of dollars.

With the values established, the experts will try to tempt the collectors with a trade, offering a coveted item that would be the perfect addition to their collections. The collectors must then make an agonizing choice and decide how sentimental they are about their existing pieces…or how much they're willing to give up for a new addition to the collection.

Will they make a trade? It's the collector's call!

The shoot was in June 2018 and the show will premiere in April 2019. I just can't wait to see how the 30-minute program will showcase all the Poohs in their glory (and how the editors took 8 hours of film and cut it down to 22 minutes).


What a fun day!