How Grand! 

Do you have a Pooh who needs a home?  Would you like to make a donation to the "Largest Pooh and Friends Collection in the World"? We would love to invite your Pooh or any of Pooh's friends to our House of Poohs. 


Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore – any of Pooh's friends are welcome.


If your Pooh or Pooh friend is a unique items and isn't already represented in the Pooh collection, it will be included the next time we submit to the Guinness World Records. 


As a thank you, we will...

  • Send you a card with a picture of your Pooh in the collection room
  • The card will indicate the number and "unique item" it represent in the world record
  • We will also feature the item in our "How Grand" photo gallery. 

In the event your Pooh is already represented, if it is in good condition, it will be donated to Winnie's Hometown Festival which is held the third week in August every year.  Poohs donated to the festival may be included in the raffle which helps to raise money for the town and Pooh museum.


UPDATE:  I am very proud to be the current Pooh "curator" of the Kaufman collection - 1500+ pieces dontate to the Guinness World Record Collection


Dolores' Pooh collection of 80+ items is doing well and well loved!


I am also happy to let Andrew know his 80 Tiggers are doing well and have lot of company.


Robin Coughlin's mom's collection of vintage Pooh collectible are happily part of the Guinness World Record Collection.  Mary's collection include a mint set of Agnes Brush Stuffies, Beswick Figurines, Lennox Thimbles and a great assortment of other Pooh collectibles.

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