How It All Began: A Girl and a Yellow Bear

Since becoming a serious Pooh collector and after having been honored to be featured as the centerfold in the 2010 Guinness World Records Book, collecting Pooh items has changed.


Don't get me wrong, I love finding new Pooh items and adding them to the Guinness World Record Pooh Collection.  However, just as important as the Pooh items themselves are the experiences that Gary and I have shared because of collecting.  Because of collecting, chances are, we would not have experienced Canada, England nor France; or at least not in the way we did.  I probably would not have been a contestant on The Price Is Right.  I certainly would not have been featured in Episode 3 of Season 1 of Collector's Call.  


We have so many stories about experiences we have had and wonderful people we have met.  When I have told these stories over the years, frequently people have commented that I should write a book. 


A book?  What an interesting idea.  Ok - a book.


As I begin trying to recapture the events and details of our excursions I am filled with the wonderful memories of each event.  Hopefully, with these stories, I will encourage someone else, be it another collector or just someone with a passion, to follow their hearts and have fun!


If you know of a publisher who might be interested in helping me tell my story, please ask the person to connect with me.  


Here is a link to the first draft of Chapter 2 - Always a Collector