Stilt walking, gravy drinking and a lot of Winnie the Pooh: Here are 10 world records held by Wisconsinites

Don Gorske of Fond du Lac poses with a dozen Big Macs July 21, 2021, at a McDonalds in Fond du Lac while Guinness World Records photographer Kevin Ramos takes photos.

Wisconsin has many claims to fame. We have the Green Bay Packers, the Milwaukee Bucks and, of course, our beloved comedian Charlie Berens.


The Dairy State is also home to several Guinness World Records holders. In 2018, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin put together a list of some of the most interesting world records broken in the state.


There's Don Gorske, from Fond du Lac, who is the record holder for most Big Macs consumed; the largest cheese platter/board (we are in Wisconsin after all) set by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin in Madison; and the largest collection of Smurfs memorabilia, a record set by Ripon native Gerda P. Scheuers.


Since that story ran, there have been several new records set by Wisconsinites. Check out some of the state's newest record holders.

1. Walking on the tallest stilts

Talk about a tall order. But two Marshfield siblings delivered recently when they unofficially broke the record for walking on the tallest stilts. Entries are not official until Guinness has confirmed the details of each record. 

Ashley McCauley, 37, and Jordan Wolf, 32, walked on stilts that were 54 feet and 1 inch tall. McCauley and Wolf both took 10 steps forward without touching or being supported by anything. The duo broke the record June 4 during Marshfield's annual Dairyfest event.

Their father, Ed Wolf, of Spencer, and older brother, Travis Wolf, of Loyal, held the same record from 1978 to 1998. They walked on stilts that were 40 feet and 10 ¼ inches tall.

2. Highest combined age, four living siblings

Two Wisconsinites and their siblings broke the world record for having the highest combined age achieved by four living siblings. When the record was verified in November, the Goebel siblings had lived a combined 383 years 147 days.

Geraldine Bulger, 101, is the oldest sibling and resides in Greenfield. Her sister Marjorie Gilmartin, 98, and her brother Robert, 93, live in Chicago. Their brother Richard, 92, lives in Sheboygan. 


3. Largest Lego Batman

Batman fans and Lego lovers, this one's for you.

Steven Ruppel, from Wausau, broke the world record for largest Lego Batman in September 2021. He constructed the Batman sign in 3 ½ hours. Ruppel used 4,302 Legos to construct the 2D picture that was nearly 11 feet, according to the Guinness World Records website.

4. Largest human waterskiing pyramid

Waterskiing is a great Wisconsin pastime. The Mercury Marine Pyramids in Janesville took their passion for the sport to the next level by setting two world records.

The group broke the record for the largest human waterskiing pyramid formation in August 2018. They towed 80 people behind one boat. They also hold the record for the most barefoot waterskiing pyramids towed behind a single boat. They towed eight pyramids behind one boat in September 2021.

5. Most Jenga blocks removed in one minute 

Now, this record takes some serious skill. Nate McEvoy, another Wausau native, broke the world record for the most Jenga blocks removed from a tower in one minute. In September 2020, he removed 32 blocks from the stack in 60 seconds.

McEvoy also holds the world records for the fastest time to build a 15-cup pyramid (2.55 seconds) and the most Lego bricks removed from a baseplate and held in hand in 30 seconds (22 bricks).

6. Largest collection of Winnie the Pooh memorabilia 

This is bound to make you a little nostalgic.

Deb Hoffmann, of Waukesha, used her love for Winnie the Pooh to set the world record for the largest collection of Pooh Bear memorabilia. At the time she broke the record in 2020, her collection had 20,000 items. Yes, 20,000!

Hoffmann started her collection in 1967 and broke the record in 2009 with 4,405 items. She grew her collection to 20,000 and updated her record in 2020.


7. Fastest time to drink one liter of gravy

This one requires a great deal of skill, training and one heck of an iron stomach.

Steven Ruppel, also known for his Lego Batman work, set the record for the fastest time to drink one liter of gravy. Ruppel did it in 38.22 seconds.

Ruppel also holds the world record for most carabiners clipped together in one minute. He broke the record in February 2021 by clipping together 57 carabiners in 60 seconds. 

8. Fastest time to tie a bow tie

Alex Hart-Upendo, from Racine, broke a world record and picked up a skill that will definitely come in handy.

He set the record for the fastest time to tie a bow tie in November 2019. He finished the task in 8.125 seconds. He said he wanted to break the record to bring awareness to bullying and autism. 

9. The most pots thrown in one hour by an individual 

In November 2019, Michael Weber broke the world record for the most pots thrown in one hour by an individual.

Weber, from Neenah, made 212 clay pots on a potter's wheel at Sunset Hill Stoneware.

10. Longest glow stick 

The record for the world's longest glow stick was broken by John Ejnik, Ory Savchuk and Alyssa Fernandez of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, in September 2018.

The team connected a string of glow sticks that measured 500 feet and three inches long. They broke the record as a way to celebrate the university's sesquicentennial. It took more than 100 volunteers to activate the glow stick.

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