Posted on Thu Jul 24th, 2014 at 3:51 pm

I Made Canadaian History...

.... at least I made the Magazine..

Thanks to my White River bestie, Deb Duplassie, for letting me know about the article on Canada's History Online Magazine. I can hardly believe that Poohfest is only three weeks away. Better start packing the car now because boy, do I have the Pooh to bring along... literally.

Nice article getting the word out about the best kept Pooh secret ... POOH STARTED IN CANADA – not England and NOT at Disneyland.

With the exception of a few "artist license" issues... (Pooh was a she not a he) I am glad to see the word getting out. See you all up-north in a few weeks for a fantastic weekend of friends, food and fun!

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