Posted on Sun Oct 26th, 2014 at 6:18 pm

I Asked My Husband To Help Me Tie One On 40 Times

Great Pooh Tie Rack

Question: When you have 40+ Pooh ties, how does a collector display them.  And, with space at a premium, how can you display 40 ties effectively. 


Answer: Ask your fantastic husband to build you a tie rack that fits on the back of a door.  Gary came up with a great design that allowed my to display all my Winnie the Pooh ties in a fun, creative way AND took advantage of Pooh-Room real estate otherwise unused.


Who even would think there would be 40 different Pooh ties.  And, truth be told, 40 just scratches the surface of all that are out there. 


So many ties, so few doors.


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