Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2019 at 4:17 pm

Premiering in April on MeTV...

Collector's Call

In June of 2018 the crew of the new TV series, Collector's Call on MeTV came out to shoot and episode for the first season.  I was honored to be asked to share my Guinness World Record Collection on the show.  I had to pick out about 10 Pooh items that were either rare, valuable, unique, odd -- and we would chat about them with hostess, Lisa Whelchel, Blair from the Facts of Life.  An appraiser would then tell us what she knew about the items and give them a value.  


At the end of the show, Lisa will offer me something I would really, really like and ask me to trade something in my collection for that item.  What did I trade for?  You will have to tune in and find out.  As soon as I know the air date I will let everyone know. (HINT: I cried and Pooh fans will FREAK out!)

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