Posted by I'm ON the Book You Know on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 at 12:52 pm

I just got my 2021 Guinness World Record Book – I am not IN the book I am ON the book!  This year's book is a spin on Where’s Waldo with cartoon characters of World Record holders.  The artist is amazing – he is illustrator Ron Hunt.

On the right side of the front cover is a building and in one of the windows is a scene depicting the Largest Teddy Bear Collection owned by Istvánné Arnóczki of Hungary.  There is a random yellow teddy outside the window on the frame.  So I wondered if that bear (who admittedly doesn’t look like Pooh I am sure for copyright reasons – you know Disney). 

So, I asked my friend GWR art director, Michael, if I was stretching to think the yellow bear was supposed to represent my record of the Largest Pooh and Friends Collection.  Sure enough – IT IS! Michael went on to say the teddy is laying down to represent my centerfold photo in the 2010 Guinness World Record book where I am laying down in a pile of Pooh.  Yeah! Gopher I’m ON the book you know…


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