Posted by Thanks for noticing me on Thu Jun 3rd, 2021 at 10:32 am

Happy to Connect with Pooh Fans & Put Smiles in People's Hearts

Sometimes people ask me why I talk about the Guinness World Record milestones I hit.

Occasionally I wonder if it matters to anyone other than me. Happily, I was reassured this week it does matter.

My impressive “PR Guy” Rick Moon connected me with James Groh of TMJ4. James wrote an AMAZING story and published a fantastic video that showcased the collection in a new way.

After the story aired I was contacted by a significant number of people from the US and Canada thanking me for sharing the display rooms.

The recurring comments were basically, “Thank you for sharing something fun and innocent. I needed something less serious to read/see. Happy to see true passion for a hobby.”


Several mentioned items they saw in the rooms that they owned as kids or items they’ve given to their kids. One woman was looking for a particular plush of which I had a duplicate and I will be sending to her. If sharing the collection puts a smile on one person’s face it is worth it.

Thank you so much Rick and James.  Here is James' story


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