Posted on Sun Jul 22nd, 2012 at 6:20 pm


I received a call from the TLC cable series, "My Crazy Obsession" - they asked me a few questions and then asked me to submit an audition video.  Check back to see if they decided I am "crazy" enough or too 'normal" for the air waves.


We will see what they think, when The Nate Berkus show called the summer before they premiered. They wanted Nate to come in and redecorate the rooms where the collection was to eliminate the trouble in my relationship with my husband.  They ultimately decided that Gary and I didn't have enough "drama" in the relationship over the collection so declined to feature Pooh and his friends. 


They did suggest that if any of my "other collector friends" had issues, I should call them back. (Like I hang out with the person who collects Smurfs on the weekend...) THAT was funny!!

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