Posted on Wed Jul 25th, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Ok... I'm torn.... I can't decide to laugh or shake my head.


I just watched the trailer for the movie Ted starring Mark Walhberg with Ted voiced by Seth MacFarlane. 


On one hand I am laughing in my popcorn to see a teddy bear act so out of character for a "teddy bear".  They have him in some pretty funny situations.  Then on the other hand, I am feeling a little "prudish" because I am thinking to myself – a teddy bear shouldn't be depicted like this.  So, am I getting old or just expecting all stuffed animal, cartoon characters to have the moral compass that Pooh and his friends do. 


I guess I think the same thing when I see The Simpsons (which I STILL can't believe made it past the first season...).


I just hope parents don't see a teddy bear on a commercial and plan to make the movie a family outing with little Billy and Susie.


I guess I'll giggle in private and know Ted is NOT Pooh.

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