Posted on Sat Feb 23rd, 2013 at 10:40 am


Just When I Thought I Had Seen
& Bought All The Pooh Jackets...  

...and the hood is detachable...

While doing a little midnight eBay surfing...I found this fantastic leather embellished Pooh jacket in IL.  I thought I had seen (and bought) all the leather Pooh jackets.  Silly me!  What was I thinking?!?  This one has embroider Poohs, felt Poohs and leather patches.  Very, very unique and officially #8700.  Only 1,300 more to reach 10,000.  Oh, bother. 


If you get a chance, watch my YouTube video that showcases a lot of the jackets -- watch until the end to see my guest star - Mr. Wiggles.

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