Posted on Fri May 31st, 2013 at 6:59 pm

Much Todo About Winnie the Pooh

Waukesha Freeman Interviews Pooh Collector 

It has been a busy Pooh week at the Hoffmann House.  On Monday the Barcroft Media interview, video and photo shoot was published in several online magazines including the DailyMedia.  Then reporter, Sarah Pryer, and photograper, Charles Auer, from our local paper, The Waukesha Freeman, came out to do an interview and photo shoot.  I am glad "the Poohs" have never been camera shy -- of which now "the Poohs" number 9300+.  Hopefully with all of this media publicity SOMEONE who has the 1980s vintage Pooh costume, as seen as Sears, will see us and call us with a new Pooh guest for the collection.  I am putting the word out there and hopefully the Pooh World heres me!!  Pooh costume, Pooh costume......


PS  Craig is happy all the Pooh-parazzi are gone!

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