Posted on Fri Aug 30th, 2013 at 10:13 am

Sue Goes to a Rummage & Finds 6 Pooh Items I Don't Have

With 9900+ How Lucky Am I To Have Such a Wonderful "Pooh Scout" Like Sue Olson

I am often told, "I bet you have every Pooh item out there".  HARDLY.  I know Gary WISHES that were true -- but I am amazed how many, "Random Acts of Pooh-ness" bring new Pooh items to the collection.  Disney is a master at taking one item, spinning it slightly and yeilding mutiple, different Pooh items - be it books, stuffies, frames -- they are the masters.  Sue went to a rummage sale and wamo - 6 new items in the collection.  I love you, Sue!!  I am bless and very lucky!!

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