Posted on Thu Aug 29th, 2013 at 10:54 am

International Pooh Scouts May Tip 10,000

New Pooh?  Just How Can This Be?

Last year at Winnie's Hometown Festival, Ellen and Doug were in the White River Museum.  They were looking at the 2010 Guinness Book I had donated to the museum and mentioned that they had seen this page.  It was sitting on top of a group of Pooh's Gary and I had donated to the museum.  It just so happened that Marilyn was also in the museum and mentioned that I was in White River.  Marilyn introduced me to two people who have now become my "International Pooh Friends" and "Pooh Scouts Extraordinaire".  That is what I love about Pooh.  Pooh fans eventually find each other and become BFFs -- kinda like what happened 15 years ago with Nancy, Scooter and Spenser. 


Ellen and Doug brought me Pooh items I can not find in the US and probably have tipped me over 10,000 items -- oh bother, Gary fainted again.....


Once I get Gary on his feet again, I'll have to start documenting.   Guinness World Records -- here comes 10,000 unique Pooh and Friends Memorabillia!!

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