Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Happy 110th Harley-Davidson

Even Winnie the Pooh Rides a Harley

The city of Milwaukee is buzzing with the sounds of Harley's for 110th Harley-Davidson party.  It is great to see all the bikes and riders in our city enjoying the festivities.  Even Pooh is a Harley fan.  This is item #2011 in my Guinness World Record Collection.  It is a photo of Pooh sitting on a Harley -- SHE is on a leash being held by Lt. Colbourn (off camera).  When someone asks me about my favorite items in my collection (which is close to 10,000) this item is absolutely in the top for a couple of reasons....


1.  Pooh is on a Harley and I live in the city of Harley-Davidson

2.  It was a gift from my best friend in White River -- Nancy McLeod

3.  It is an original photo -- newer frame but probably 90 years old..... 


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