Posted on Wed Sep 18th, 2013 at 2:50 pm

Guinness World Record Holder Hits New Number - 10,000Pooh Guinness World Record Collector Hits New Number -- Pooh 10K

And how appropriate for the 10,000th different and unique item to be a Pooh Passport Holder.  Afterall, the bear cub that started the Winnie the Pooh stories written by A.A. Milne were inspired by the bear cub sold in White River, Canada and donated to the London Zoo.  Then, in 1964 US company, Disney, purchased the merchandising rights to the Pooh story.  So, to have the 10,000th item be "international inspired" is so perfect.  And, where did I get it???  From my international Pooh BFFs - Ellen and Doug from Toronto, Canda while visiting Winnie's Hometown Festival.  I have been so blessed to have found and received gifts from people all over the world toward the HUGE collection. 


I am excited to now arrange for the "official counting" so that it can be made official by Guinness World Records. Because who knows -- they could be someone with more than 10,000....


Thank you to everyone who has supported, contributed, encouraged and enabled me to amass such a HUGE and fun collection.  Here's to the next 10,000.  Oh no, Gary fainted again.


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