Posted on Thu Jan 30th, 2014 at 2:52 pm

Random Act of "Poohness"

One-of-a-Kind Card & Stickers

I know I am in the technology business and I do love technology -- email, text, Facebook posts, etc.  But, there is something still really, really special about getting a real card.  Yes, one you can touch and feel --- and the BEST kind are the ones that sneek into your mailbox, unexpectedly and just arrive!  It is kinda like getting a hug and a smile.


And, the very, very BEST kind are the ones with a Winnie the Pooh AND a gift!!  Thank you so much to my Pooh-friends, Amber, Carla Jo and Trish for a fantastic hand-made Pooh card and Pooh stickers.  Talk about putting a "heffalump-huge" smile on my face.  What a warm feeling -- which in the weather -- was wonderful!!


I love Pooh Peeps!!

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