Posted on Sun Mar 23rd, 2014 at 10:54 am

A Hunny of a Great Lemon Tea with a Secret Code

Gogo no Koucha Kirin Lemon Tea  with Pooh Photo from Japan

The world traveler, my FAVORITE cousin and "other Deb Hoffmann" was in Japan on business and God bless her – saw a bottle of Lemon Tea with Pooh on it.  Even across the world Pooh Scouts are watching for our favorite little yellow bear!!  Now unique item #10,709 is a bottle of Kirin Lemon Tea.  However, it gets really great – and will probably frustrate this OCD Pooh collector into going to Japan....


Not only does the Lemon Tea have three photos of Pooh – it has a little code on the bottle.  There are 6 unique bottles all with different Pooh photos.  When you have all 18 (this is where the OCD part comes in...) you can turn them to create an animated scene.  The release of the Kirin Lemon Tea is to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland which opened April 15, 1983.


Watch the 8 second video below and help this OCD Pooh collector find Gogo no Koucha Kirin Lemon Tea  with Pooh in the US. (the first 4 second show the Donald Duck bottle - Pooh starts at 5 seconds...)



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