Lipshitz Saves the World

Lipshitz Saves the World

Lipshitz Saves the World is a comedy television pilot that was produced for NBC. The show was given the green light to shoot a pilot by NBC in July 2006. The show was not picked up for air. It is believed that the tagline and the tone of the series was not suitable.

The premise of the show is that teenage outcast Adam Lipshitz discovers that he may be the one person who can save the world. Creator Dan Fogelman describes the show as similar to The Matrix "if Keanu Reeves wasn't good looking."

Veteran comedy actor Leslie Nielsen had signed on to play Lipshitz's mentor.

Cast for Lipshitz Saves the World...

Jack Carpenter
Adam Lipshitz
Brooklyn Decker
Rebecca Fellini
Ty Burrell
Man in Red
Max Burkholder
Young Adam Lipshitz
Ross Thomas
Mark Sherman
Parker Quinn
Mark’s Buddy