Winnie the Pooh Costumes Over The Years

There have been several Winnie the Pooh costumes used over the years starting in 1966 after Walt Disney licensed the rights from Stephen Slesinger to market Pooh merchandise.


The first costume, as did many of the other Disney characters, had an oversized head. The arms were attached to the body but were not accessible to the "cast member". His ears could be moved from inside. He had an open-mouth smile.


The Original Winnie the Bear Turns 100 in 2014

Back in 1914 I bet township of White River, Ontario, Canada knew their town would be involved in a world-wide phenomenon that would eventually be known all over the world as Winnie the Pooh.

Are You Looking for a Place to Donate a Collection of Winnie the Pooh Collectibles?

I would be honored and humbled to “take care of the collection” and make it part of history by adding it to the Guinness World Record Largest Pooh Collection.

How It All Began: How Collecting Items Became Collecting Experiences

How It All Began isn't about the Winnie the Pooh items themselves.  It's about the incredible people we've met along the way & the places & experiences Gary & I have had because of being in the Guinness World Record book & holding the title for the Largest Pooh Collection in the world. 

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